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Highschool DxDHighschool DxD is a super-natural action-style anime based on the manga series written by Ichie Ishibumi, illustrated by Miayama-Zero, and published by Fujimi Shobo. The protagonist of the anime, Issei Hyodo, is a perverted high school student who nearly dies on his first by a Fallen Angel disguised as a hot girl. However, he is saved by a beautiful redhead by the name of Rias Gremory; Rias is a Devil of the Gremory Family. Issei soon discovers that he has been reborn as a Devil himself and his new purpose is to serve Rias. The central plot of the anime is focused on the perpetual battle between Angles, Fallen Angels, and Devils, not to mention Issie’s enduring relationship with Rias. The first season of the anime series is based on the first two volumes of the manga, with additional material and side stories from volume eight.

Rias Wall Scrolls

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Episode 1 | I Got a Girlfriend!
Episode 2 | I’m Done Being Human!
Episode 3 | I Made a Friend!
Episode 4 | I’m Saving My Friend!
Episode 5 | I Will Defeat My Ex-Girlfriend!
Episode 6 | I Work as a Devil!
Episode 7 | I Get a Familiar!
Episode 8 | I Pick a Fight!
Episode 9 | I’ve Begun My Training!
Episode 10 | The Showdown Begins!
Episode 11 | The Acclaimed Battle Continues!
Episode 12 | I’m Here to Keep My Promise!

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Episode 1 | Another Disquieting Premonition!
Episode 2 | The Holy Sword Has Arrived!
Episode 3 | I’ll Destroy the Holy Sword!
Episode 4 | A Powerful Enemy Appears!
Episode 5 | Decisive Battle at Kuoh Academy!
Episode 6 | Go! Occult Research Club!
Episode 7 | Summer! Bathing Suits! I’m in Trouble!
Episode 8 | Open House Begins!
Episode 9 | I Have a Junior!
Episode 10 | Various Three-way Deadlocks!
Episode 11 | The Leaders’ Summit Begins!
Episode 12 | Clash of the Twin Sky Dragons!

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Episode 1 | Not Yet Released!
Episode 2 | Not Yet Released!
Episode 3 | Not Yet Released!
Episode 4 | Not Yet Released!
Episode 5 | Not Yet Released!
Episode 6 | Not Yet Released!
Episode 7 | Not Yet Released!
Episode 8 | Not Yet Released!
Episode 9 | Not Yet Released!
Episode 10 | Not Yet Released!
Episode 11 | Not Yet Released!
Episode 12 | Not Yet Released!

The Anime Series

High School DxD New

The anime series was produced by TNK. Tetsuya Yanagisawa directed the series, Takao Yoshioka wrote the script, Ryosuke Nakikashi was in charge of the music, Junji Goto worked on the characters, and Jun Hatano, Shigeru Saito, Hisato Usui, Shinsaku Tanaka, Tetsuya Tsuchihashi, and Takuro Hatakeyama all worked on its production. The series was first aired on the AT-X network on January 6, 2012. The anime ran until March 23, 2012, releasing a total of twelve episodes for its first season. Soon after, other broadcasting stations, such as TV Kanagawa, TV, Aichi, and Tokyo MX aired reruns of the anime’s first season. However, only AT-X’s airing of the series was uncensored; the rest of the stations that ran reruns all heavily censored the anime. Media Factory also released six volumes for the series between March 21 and August 29 in 2012 on both DVD and Blu-ray. Each of these volumes came with an OVA titled Release the Swaying Delusions and other extra content. On September 6, 2012, an OVA episode was released alongside the limited edition thirteenth volume of the manga series. This OVA was titled the thirteenth episode of anime’s season 1, and after the ending credits, announced that there would be a season 2 for the anime. Additionally, one more OVA episode, titled as episode 13, was released on Blu-ray in late May of 2013 by Ishibumi. It was packaged as a bundle with the limited edition of the fifteenth manga volume.

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