Highschool DxD Episode 12

Highschool DxD Episode 12


In Highschool DxD episode 12, after the rating game, Issei wakes up finding out that he’s passed out in his own bed. Grayfia tells Issei the results of the competition. She gives Issei a magic orb that he can use the go to the Gemory-Phenex after party. Sirzech also sends Issei a message that if he wants to rescue Rias, he’ll have to do it by force. After arriving to the party, Issei starts to crash it, but is interrupted by Sirzech’s offer to have a one on one battle. The battle will be between Riser and Issei in order to liven up the party, since he thought the rating game was rather boring. Issei defeats Riser, but his feelings show that he wasn’t planning on doing so. He also discovers what was on the back of the magic orb that Garyfia gave him previously. Sirzechs and Garyfia discuss Rias’ forced engagement, but Rias begins to act on impulse after being overwhelmed by Issei’s feelings and determination. The result of the Dragon and Phoenix duel force certain changes to be made ad Issei’s house while Akeno and Asia attempt to help him deal with the costs of a choice that he made.

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  1. isseix90 says:

    When will season 2 be dubbed

  2. isseix90 says:

    When will season 2 be dubbed

  3. martin says:

    why is it not working

  4. ...? says:

    … Really? You love it that much?, but I got to say the battle was awesome

  5. Gilli says:

    Awesome i love this

  6. irving turrubiates says:

    i love this show!!! i really really love the show

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