Highschool DxD Season 3 Episode 1

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  1. Jaa says:

    wtf when comes season 3

  2. Jaa says:

    Mit wann to See season 3 now !

  3. Felix says:

    I cant which a episode on this side they are currently disabled

  4. Felix says:

    Creazyg can say me why the Server are down ?

  5. Felix says:

    Creazyg thx for the Information

  6. creazyg says:

    Hello if you go on wikipedia you will see it. There will be definetly a season 3 maybe on 22 september 2014 or march 2015.

    be ready my friends ;-)

  7. Felix says:

    Issei and Akeno <3

  8. Felix says:

    I wann’s season three i have in two days b -Day pls :((((((((

  9. Felix says:

    When comes the season ?

  10. Issei says:

    When comes season 3 ?

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