Highschool DxD Season 3 Episode 1

Watch Highschool DxD Season 3 Episode 1


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  1. noe says:

    cant wait for season 3

  2. kenny says:

    pleas releas the new season of high school dxd im the fan in this anime

  3. WHERE IS IT says:


  4. Yush Please says:

    Yes, there absolutely must be a season 3!! My entire anime fan club loves this anime, and if there wasn’t another season we would probably all die!!!!

  5. i crave this anime says:

    I hope season 3 comes out soon, or i will have to move on to a new anime.

  6. Anderex says:

    Please I can`t wait please first episode upload it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. miyu says:

    We’re a big fan of this anime, me my husband and my workmates cant wait for the season 3 . they keep on bugging me about this, please release it ASAP :)

  8. HalitGremory says:

    please upload firs episode highschool dxd season 3..

  9. Josh says:

    I hope they put out already a trailer for the next season!!

  10. J~ says:

    I hope season 3 comes out love this anime so badass! good work!

    • ure mum says:

      umm you know he should probly take hre virginity in season 3 =_= it will maek this ecci hotter

      • Akeno is my GF says:

        I’ve read the novels in English, yeah, he hasn’t taken her virginity and I’ve read the novels that are going to be made into Season 3

  11. Dxdfan9000 says:

    Omg. Soooo boring is please i dont want any animes just this spesific anime and its the BEST!

  12. mr know it all says:

    Pleas upload season 3!! Cant wait to see
    Please i think about this anime everydayy!!!

  13. anjan says:

    please realese all the eposide of season 3 ……. this is my best anime i have ever watched so plese i beg you…….

  14. Ian Claudio says:

    Hurry up with the season 3 the battle is not over theres still an organization to destroy and some boobs since all girls moved in to Issie House ehhh cant wait to the sex part and more boobs + Rias Virginity ^_^

  15. Ian Claudio says:

    upss its Issei ma bad

  16. Ryuzaki says:

    I want this fucking anime to be fucking out for the 3rd season now!!!!!!

  17. Loveriasgremory says:

    Hi I don’t know if anyone reads this but this is my absolute favourite anime so I hope and beg you to release it soon some say its first January 2015, but I don’t hope so I really love this anime so please do something about the problem..

  18. Loveriasgremory says:

    Hi I don’t know if anyone reads this but this is my absolute favourite anime so I hope and beg you to release it soon some say its first January 2015, but I don’t hope so I really love this anime so please do something about the problem.. Please

    • jaterae says:

      men…… can’t wait for the next season to be release…… so let’s invite our friends to buy some of this so that the sales will go up….and then we can have the season 3 but if this anime have more sales…..they will not just make i more season but 2 more am I right guys?….

  19. jim bob says:

    please can u bring it out soon we all want it so please bring it out

  20. riashasbigboobs says:

    plz season 3 now. i need to know how issei is gonna beat the fuck out of the white dragon and i need to know how issei is gonna get rias her virginity

  21. Jop says:

    There IS gonna be a season 3 ! . im gonna buy them all i think! love them!

  22. Fanatica says:

    when the season 3 HSDXD will be release?.im looking forward.. really2 like this anime

  23. Fan2003 says:

    please release season three I love this show it is my favorite anime and my friend is a pirvirt

  24. abi says:

    DAMNNNN .. i want to watch SEASON 3 now..

  25. Rias says:

    When season 3 ? ;(

  26. A person says:

    it says the episode is avliable however i can’t watch it q.q

  27. Dovahkiin says:

    I very love this anime, I thinking about high school dxd everyday.. (Ouch my head!) Can’t wait for the season 3..
    I love Rias Gremory..

  28. jateraedacpano says:

    i really love this anime so i hope it will be release on january or summer…… i’m not hoping for the high school dxd to be release on january 2025 but i’m expecting it on january 2014 or summer……. hope so……. please tell me when exactly the next season be release….. thank for reading my comment…..i’m looking forward for thsi anime…thanks and good bless

  29. arifpro99 says:

    super cool anime .. i love akeno himejima the most ,,,, …. can’t wait season 3

  30. kunak54 says:


  31. Kyle says:

    Season 3 hopefully will be out soon I mean isei still hasnt fondled and succled pres’s boobs that like his main goal.

  32. rafael says:

    I’m a brazilian guy, that loves this anime !
    I heard that season 3, will be released at february.
    hope they release in january ! auhauhauha

  33. Akeno4553 says:

    I love this anime so much….i hope it will be release soon!!!! Oooowh man,i’m really curious about it….i mean akeno is starting to like issei.right??

  34. Akeno4553 says:

    Its totally going to be a TRIO♥︎

  35. Akeno4553 says:

    I jeram its going to be released at October but i hope not…….i want sooner!!!!!!! IM ♥︎ING THIS ANIME!!!

  36. Akeno4553 says:

    I heard****

  37. AkenoHimejima4553 says:

    Akeno Himejima…..

  38. Akeno4553 says:

    Akeno Himejima x Issei…..I LIKE IT!!

  39. Akeno4553 says:

    I think on the first episode at the openning of the 1st episode akeno will be sleeping with issei only or with rias &asia too

  40. Akeno4553 says:

    I’m really curious

  41. miguel says:

    realy!!! i am so exited to wacth the season 3 please tell me if it is now showed.thanks

  42. ure mum says:

    Cmon i cant wait till her virginity is taken

  43. Highschooldxd:D says:

    Come on come on go faster I’m huge fan of it and want to see the next season
    Sooooo dang bad!!

  44. Highschooldxd:D says:

    Man come on come on hurry with the next season plz I want to watch the next season sooooooooo dang badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. jaterae says:

    really can’t wait for the next season….. i know that were hoping for it to be release sooner ….. because of that let’s invite our friends to buy some of the anime and then we can have the next season ( season 3) sooner…..I also read some comment from other blog that says the high school dxd season 3 was already mae but not yet approved…. so it might be release between january to summer… somewhere in there……I’m hoping it on february guys….

  46. jaterae says:

    just think of it everyday and do not forget about this anime …… and do not move on to the other anime ( If you really like this anime) …….
    Let’s just hope for it to be release on january or on february…. i Hope there will be more season….not just one but 3 or 4 more seasons….

  47. Steve says:

    I’m bored waiting for the 3rd season of Highscool dxd.
    I hope the next seaseon is on January 2014.
    If the anime is didn’t come, I will come to the maker. !!!!!!!(o_o)

    • jaterae says:

      yeah right so i’m hoping for it to be release sooner….. so that i’m not bored waiting for the most awesome anime that I Have Ever seen in my life…..So I beg the author to please release it on january 2014 pls pls pls …… Others say that the sooner the better and I BELIEVE IN THAT

  48. Ethvin says:

    Highschool DXD was cool

  49. Issei-senpai says:

    OMG!!!!!! I cant wait I want see the seasone 3

  50. jaterae says:

    yeah….. everyday Item about it’s story and of course the releade date for high school dxd season3…… so let’s hope for it to be releade this february or january 2014…….and A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all……

  51. issei-senpai says:

    Hwo you think is nicer Rias,Akeno,Asia,Xenovia or Koneko i think Rias and Akeno :D

  52. Meme MeMo says:

    I anyone wants to know season 3 will be coming out in 2014 October

  53. hyoudou issei says:

    asia will die and issei will use his jaugernuot drive

  54. Levon says:

    This is a good anime, out the 105 I’ve seen this once goes in my top 3.. Please make season 3 in January

  55. cou says:

    how much fuckin longer

  56. Cool says:

    When does season 3 come out

  57. daniel says:

    it will be awesome

  58. Alex says:

    IT Will come out in February

  59. pouria says:

    I can’t wait for season 3

  60. pouria says:

    I’m Looking forward highschool dxd saeason 3

  61. jf says:

    when the movie show in indonesian
    i so wait long time

  62. Cool says:

    How do you know it will be out in February

  63. Alex says:

    I heard rumors

    • jojo04 says:

      I would want to know, please, the date release of the season 3 of High school Dx D. Thank you in advance and sorry for a little bit strange English (I am French).

  64. Jaterae says:

    Yeah I believe in alex ……. don’t you want it to be release sooner….. I,You,We don’t know when? but I,YOU,WE are expecting it to be release sooner….so just believe that the next season will be release on february….

  65. Teenage british dxd fan says:

    I am a massive fan of this anime if anyone knows exactly when season 3 will be released please tell us.
    Also anyone knows what will happen in the next season?

  66. issei-senpai says:

    i just cant wait to seasone 3 it will be awesoe omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. herson says:

    sorry guys i ask my friend who arleady ask the author when will season 3 come out he said it was about september or oktober. sorry guys:(

  68. herson says:

    sim not to break your heart but really

  69. RiasG says:

    Hey i would like to ask anyone. it may sound crazy but has anyone been experiencing any headaches, chest pain or arm pain during watching the first series? Also do you have the feeling sometimes it feels real to you? Like do you feel that you are Issei or Rias inside? Just wondering because i know someone who is going through this and i want to help him… please tell me truthfully.

    • Stressed112 says:

      Yes, Headaches and arm pain, frequently

      • Anknarox says:

        First off, No.

        Second off, No.

        Finally you should stop playing with yourself while watching the anime. It’s a constent result in headaches and arm pains. Oh and btw everyone puts themselves in the middle of an anime. Human imagination. We always want to know what it’d be like to be the protagonist and/or Antagonist. It’s common.

  70. hail the lama says:

    when does it come out??

  71. Kid says:

    Yea. This anime and expecialy the
    First season goes to your mind and hearth , i my puberty hit up when i watched the show, sooooo emotional + the hornyness xb

  72. Bernard Gertrude says:

    Hello dear team of Highschool DxD.
    Please release the first episode of season 3 for my birthday, its on the 19th.


  73. Dio says:

    Ini adalah anime terbaik Sepanjang masa saya harap anime ini tidak akan tamat dan episode nya di buat lama :D

  74. zTanay says:

    In my opinion there will be a season 3. Why ? Because at the end do ep 12 of season 2 Azazel is going to be the occult clubs new Senpai. ( sorry for spoilers ), so in future Issei, Rias and everyone else will be getting trained. And the two heavenly dragons we’re said to meet again. Also there will be the meetings of the different dragon lords, especially opis ( the immortal and infinite dragon of them all, also in charge of the khaos brigade ). So there still a lot to discover and learn from the coming hopefully season 3. So I really can’t wait for it :).

  75. Hyoudo issei & rias gremory says:

    mais c’et quand quelle sort la saison 3 episode 1

  76. bob says:

    for nec season

  77. David says:

    Plz I need to watch this anime ,plz plz plllllzzzz

  78. RJN4699 says:

    i would so buy a pillow case but what would my parents think when i get it in the mail and when i use it!!!!
    and theres only 8 left.
    all the animes take so long to start new seasons like highschool of the dead and highschool DxD.

  79. Bis says:

    I was researching something online about season 3 and i discovered that the creators of high school dxd do not have enough money to release the new season is this true?

  80. Alex says:

    I cant wait for season 3 because i really love this show and its a show that i recommend.

  81. Robby says:

    Is it true that issei will not take riases virginity in the next season

  82. cou says:

    come on is it out yet

  83. akeno & rias says:

    I freak about this anime I always think about this anime
    when the 3rd season come ?

  84. Amazing says:

    THIS IS MY # 1 SHOW!!!!!!

  85. Skyezzles says:


  86. kit says:

    cant play video

  87. xXtoto6011Xx says:

    Je suis sur qu’il y aura une saison 3 var ils ont deja mis les 12 ou 13 episodes sans lien sur la page donc vivement LA SAISON 3 ^^ ♥♥ <3

  88. Chris says:

    Hey I would like to know if this episode has been aired yet.

  89. James says:

    CM0000000N release DxD! Btw unlike most pervs that like Rias because of her big boobs I just like her because of her lovingness. Like when she wraps her arms around issei’s head or neck that’s 100 times hotter then the boobs. Honestly Hentai GROSS as HELL

  90. refa says:

    hurry up season 3 please

  91. Welsh over booster says:

    Plz come out season 3 if not then a new light novel

  92. jackel says:

    honestly ……….no rush guys just be patient for season 3 and dont believe false rumors till theirs an actual release date.p.s this is my first post on this site. P.s dxd fan :D

  93. jackel says:

    Plus i’d like to see the red and white clash again in season 3.

  94. BossiFTF says:

    Really, I’m dying to watch season 3! I’m checking everyday, for just the smallest amount of information. I would atleast like to know what episode you’re working on! :D

    - Thanks for creating this anime, and thanks for the hard work! It’s the only anime I’ve could watch over and over again! Thank you

  95. issei-kun says:

    Please release season 3 i’m dieing to see all 12 epi’s. Ty :)

  96. komchan says:

    please can someone answer when does season 3 release??

  97. VladDorogan says:

    I’m dying to see season 3.I like the romantism of this anime so much and i just love it.I think it’s the best anime i’ve ever seen and i hope there will be more episodes and seasons.This anime literally changed my life,like it made me a better person.So thank you for making this anime and keep up with the work :D.

  98. merk says:

    I love this I hope they focus more on rias and is sei instead of everyone getting in the way and I wanna see a keno and rias powers explained

  99. BlinX says:

    Anime is by far my favorite, can’t wait for season 3 (god knows when)
    Hope for the delivery soon ^_^

  100. Paddy says:

    why do i get the feeling that Issei is going to get with Ria in the third season as well as the other girls. I mean, he’s already becoming the Harem King without even realising it….just thought i might comment on that

  101. jc says:

    …. when will it be released can’t wait…..

  102. johnathan says:

    Guys,there is a way for season 3 to be aired quicker,it is by buying the seasons at stores and Rates will go up and they WILL make it once theres more than enough look at fairy tail it was suppose to end at story arc 2 or 3 where gajeel fights natsu but they were forced to make it according to rates and it will continue in Julie so i did my part by buying some hope you do to Salute

  103. riassexpartner says:

    Cant wait to see rias gorgeous boobs though akeno san is much alluring and hornier :D

  104. Akeno is my GF says:

    Anyone who likes HSDXD will love Rosario to Vampire. Especially the manga. Read it on mangahere.net

  105. mero says:

    Im just some Australian white boy but i love this anime i just want to see the next one it kills me not knowing if its ever going to come out, they just need to hurry up and announce it so we dont have to sit here not knowing if its ever to be, this is my all time favourite anime I JUST WANT TO SEE SEASON 3-4-5-6-7-8-9 BEFORE IM DEAD

  106. issei says:

    i hope they could release season 3 i mean imma dude and i watch this anime but who wouldnt booooobs + action is by far awsome!!! :D

  107. jcook says:


  108. AKeno says:

    stop talking shit pls …the anime is replaced by an another stupid anime this year (TnK studio) …if it comes out it will be 2015 ….nothing is confirmed so stop write all over it will comes october or something else

  109. Nicholas says:

    hey now no need to be mean this site needs a little enthusiasm once in a while

  110. gaf says:

    Whats the current Anime Tnk are working on?

    Does it have tits?

  111. hyodou issei says:

    i have been reading dxd season 3 and 4, but i’ll waiting for next in movie of dxd, i hope essei and rias will be marry <3

  112. hyodou issei says:

    please for the writter for be quick release dxd season and next story, and be the next famouse anime after baruto and one piece

  113. maverag says:

    wer my titys i want rias titys

  114. Luchifer_Leviathan says:

    I’m so excited dxd in one of my favorite anime please release season 3 A.S.A.P

  115. Durandal says:

    Oh I love this anime so much, can you please add more ecchi scene on season 3 and comedy ofc. Really excited about the story please release it soon. Ara.. Ara..

  116. jcook says:

    ive been reading the novel im on volume 6 its great i cant wait for this to be in a season
    sensei is just as lewd as issei lol and a vacation to the UNDERWORD……..the best

  117. Taya says:

    I can’t hardly wait yes.
    This is my drug dammit!
    Hurry and come out!!!!!!

  118. Hero says:

    I can’t wait to watch high school dxd season 3.please release it soon!A.S.A.P

  119. melvin says:

    Season 3 needs to hurry. I limit myself to one special or ova a month to quinch my thirsty of highschool DxD

  120. melvin says:

    And I’ve just started watching it yesterday . 1 season a day

  121. Redwan says:

    Are they planing to kill me by keep me waiting ?

  122. xGen-_B00M says:

    I am waiting for the best anime I have ever seen!

  123. ose says:

    lol trot long

  124. Abinsr says:

    Harry up
    CAN’T FUCK’N wait!!!
    best animw i’ve ever seen dude

  125. theone says:


  126. botmen says:

    why you do this to me….. make some robo shit instead of the best anime in the world

  127. edwen says:

    c’mon.. pls have the season 3 of high school dxd…. :( i cant wait to see it :(

  128. Rey says:

    i already miss rias XD haha

  129. Mark says:

    fuck i`m excited

  130. Mark says:

    i love big breast of rias …… :)

  131. Reaper says:


  132. Heavenly Dragon Welsh Over Buster says:

    I think so, the third season will be released but not until late spring or summer. It’s up to the authors of the anime. There is no need to off steam, watch other anime and just wait.

  133. Vritra says:

    Omg #more seasons we need dat Oppai Dragon show #ZoomZoomIyaaan

  134. Gabriel says:

    There’s a news that on MARCH 28 2014 Highschool DXD season 3 will be release

  135. ProNobis says:

    I grabbed by headset for a view only to find out that there’s nothing to watch… so excited for the third installment of the series…

  136. iApple says:

    Give me more oppai!!!
    Btw it takes about a year for 12 episodes to be made and aired. So maybe this year it might come out (if they are working on it right now) or they will release a 24 episode season 3, who knows. Just wait. I just hope there’s at least 10 seasons since the manga is ongoing.

    • IDKnow says:

      Actually, the studio TNK who animated the series is working on a new anime that will be aired this April – Kenzen Robot Daimailer. I heard it’s pretty similar so you should give it a try. Since they work on it right now so our chances are:
      1. They will continue working on the best anime ever(you know what I mean…) after they finish the current one.
      2. A new studio will work on season 3 (which is not so good since TNK made the two seasons).
      Let’s hope it will be out by spring 2015

      • iApple says:

        Ooh that explains a lot. I hope they continue making high school DXD. It feels unfinished. Like Bleach for example I still can’t believe that it ended when there was a little more to it. I just hope tnk doesn’t give up their best production to some other lame ass(I may be wrong) company

      • iApple says:

        Also, SPRING 2015?! That’s too long I need more >.<

      • TW Hunter says:

        Mulitple projects are always in the mind of the studios m8! To have another new project that doesn’t mean u abbandon an already successfull project and rely your hope to something new. In my opinion they will start that new project and at the same time they will fix an OVA or OVAS for DXD so they can work for season 3 after. Don’t forget DXD is the biggest hit for these Studios after 2004.(i don’t remember the anime they released then)

        • TW Hunter says:

          Also Spring 2015 ? seems a little far far away from the basics! Most likely October 2014 or January 2015 or Never.

          • iApple says:

            Yea I was a little off on the date. I guess it’s a all about patience now. It’s just the anime is too good.

  137. jojo04 says:

    I would want to know ,please , the date of the release to the season 3 of “High School DxD” . Thank for your responce and sorry for the English a bit srange ( I am French)

  138. Anonymous says:

    i hate life so much its almost march and it still is’int out

  139. Anonymous says:

    I hate life so much its almost match and it still aint out! :(

  140. Dz Spinz says:

    Can’t fuckin wait omg I’m really excited

  141. Zace says:

    Can’t wait for season 3,I wish in the meantime they find time to make an English dub for season 2.

  142. Raul says:

    Dont know if its season 3 but sure know its not two go watch !!!!! http://kissanime.com/Anime/High-School-DxD-OVA/Episode-013?id=37630

  143. Pyro says:

    I am so hype for season 3, the combat is so amazing >.< I wish it would come out soon but I'm guessing it's a while away considering season 2 ended 6 months ago

  144. max3at says:

    pleas releas the new season of high school dxd im a huge fan and dyimg to see the new season …

  145. Phantom says:

    Well…that’s a lot of spam….
    You’re fans of this anime and you’re dying to see the new season? Chceck the Light Novel, it’s even better.
    I think season 3 will be aired in October of this year, but I can be wrong.
    If it will be 3rd season and it will have 12 episodes, it will be screening of 5th and 6th chapter of LN(maybe with some side-stories from 8th chapter).
    What will happend?
    In 5th chapter we’ve got meeting of young devils, the big training in Netherworld(Issei has survival with dragon king in mountains), Issei and others become stronger, we know the history of Koneko-chan(she’s a cutest nekomata I’ve ever seen btw), we’ve got some fight with members of Vali Team(Bikou and Kuroka(Koneko’s older sister), also Arthur appears), Issei’s got bigass power-up by touching Rias boobies and saves the day, after that we’ve got Rating Game Gremory vs. Sitri, Issei’s used…well, you heard about mind reading? It’s to mainstream for Issei, he can hear thoughts of female boobs. Gremory win, blablabla, eventually Koneko joins Issei’s harem, and we’ve got cliffhanger of next chapter.

    In 6th chapter we’ve got…one bigass motherfuckin fight, blablabla, true story of asia, blablabla….they are too many things too write, so go the fucking reading the LN!!!!

  146. TW Hunter says:

    Well yes a lot of fans and this is beautifull! DXd sales for 2nd season was very good and that is leaving 90% to see a season 3 this year or the next 1. My prediction is in 1-2 months the first OVA for season 2 (may-or April) – second OVA (july-August) and season 3 release October 2014 or January 2015. The only we can do as fans is buy some merchandise products to support DXD! Also voting-likes-polls aren’t so stupid as many think. Give it a try and CROSS FINGERS!!!For me as i said 90% it’s sure, but i keep a small 10% to have it on hold or stopped!

  147. Anonymous says:

    If you can speak Japanese, sure. But if u don’t, just hope they speak American or just use google translate.

    • TW Hunter says:

      For a company that has target to sell and outdoors there must be an international manager-director for sure! And probably they won’t answer to any private e-mails, but a petition doesn’t seem bad!

  148. jojo04 says:

    Yes I have send an email but in american. ( web@e-tnk.net )
    I wait and wait her responce

  149. MeetYourSenpai says:

    But guys in all seriousness, TNK studios is probably trying their best to stick to the story of Highachool DxD light novels. I honestly dont want it to turn out like Rosario+Vampire, which dont get me wrong was great, but deviated to far from the manga almost knocking out Gonzo in the process. So lets all be patient and wait till TNK can officially announce something.

  150. Lord Marcuz says:

    It Will Be Coming Out This October Niggas So Just Watch Another Anime While Waiting For This Great Day of Release :)

    • Lord Marcuz says:

      Try Sora No Otoshimono. I’m telling you Niggas it’s great :)

      • TW Hunter says:

        Well don’t be so specific!:D You never know! Sora No otoshimono is great anime too! So sad the cancelled season 3 for a movie! Hopefully the movie will do great and we are gonna have season 3! DXD will come for sure too!

        • Lord Marcuz says:

          Yeah Man, too bad but instead of season 3 of sora no otoshimono, they’ll be releasing it’s second movie, coming up this April ma Nigga :D

  151. IDKnow says:

    hey guys, any idea on the sales rate for the series so far? the latest i found was from august 2013…
    i dont wanna spoil but the series will get so much content since its the start of ark 3 (the underworld)/
    so, if any got news about the series plz comment here so we can know :)
    lets hope they continue this great project and it will get out by oct 2014

    • jcook says:

      such a great novel im on vol 9 and apparently in for a surprise in 10 so must read on lol

    • TW Hunter says:

      You can check here these are the total sales for 2013 http://www.someanithing.com/?p=151
      And High School DXD was on 16th place of the 127 placed animes with 9.196 copies of DVD/BD (6 volumes) higher than Log Horizon (successfull anime this year) – higher thatn Date a Live (anime that already going to have season 2) – near Kill a Kill. Pretty good sales for DXD that gives hope for another season!

  152. anarchy says:

    I just checked and it should come out this October (2014)

    • TW Hunter says:

      it would be nice if u can trully share your source with a link maybe! I always say i believe it when i see it!

  153. Issei Hyoudou says:

    …….Can’t…… Wait…..

  154. Sekiryuutei says:

    I’m waiting with anticipation for both season 3 and the light novel volume 17 on baka tsuki

  155. abdullah says:

    I’m gonna die I want to watch season 3

  156. ☆Issei Hyoudou☆ says:

    I cant wait for the battle with Loki and the Hero Faction cuz then we get Rosswiesse :D

  157. Tony says:

    i really hope they have an uncensored version

  158. gonido says:

    When the third season will be presented

  159. Fukushima Kenji says:

    Just to let everyone know, Season 3 is currently being aired over here -Japan-, so expect the English Subs around October 2014 or March 2015. It could be in between those months. Translating and releasing English Subs takes a lot of work, so be patient, it is definitely coming!

    • TW Hunter says:

      You must be wrong m8! Are serious saying that season 3 of High School DXD is being aired in Japan at this moment and no1 outside the Japan knows a thing? I just can’t believe it. It seems unreal and with no logic! I can’t find anything not even for a green lit to be aired in Japan. Hard to believe – I would appreciate, me and the others i can tell if u can prove what you are saying!

      • someone says:

        holy shit is there a website to watch this first episode?!?!?!?!?? cant wait to see it!

      • Fukushima Kenji says:

        No, it is currently being aired over here. Not everything is on the Internet..

        • rias gremory says:

          are you serious? pls tell me that you are not joking. pls man, i want to know the truth. I’m DYING man… do u have any proof to prove that you are not wrong.

  160. Ehh hmmmm i cant wait for season 3 it should be coming out later on this year 2014 big fan of boobs also lol sorry for my indescency lol O.o so yeahhhhhhh cant wait and this will probably be the final season for highschool dxd.

    • Pyro says:

      this is just the beginning of the series man season 3 is just gonna be about koneko’s sister and the juggernaut drive

  161. GremoryKing says:

    Does anyone know when exactly the new season will come out because I can’t take this much suspense, ITS KILLING ME.

  162. GremoryKing says:

    Can someone tell me where I can find the light novels

  163. GremoryKing says:

    I’ve only read up to ch. 30 in the first one

  164. The light novel stops at ch 30 it goes no further than that or so ive heard ive checked countless sites dxd only goes up to ch. 30

  165. dxdfanatic says:

    i found out the studios who made the anime and i have email them i believe if everyone emails them maybe well get a season3 to get green lit or news. web@e-tnk.net is the email. Regardless any news about season3

  166. Jaterae says:

    Yeah i’m totally excited having the season 3 in my very own hand….. can’t wait to have it… i just can’t wait to see the season 3 ,so come on ,release it already.. there are lot of person who really wants to have it…

  167. whyhellothere says:

    is the light novel faster than the anime? i want to know because then ill just buy the light novel and read it. please respond

    • TW Hunter says:

      I’ll simply tell you that the LN (light novels) if i’m correct is at 10-16 Volume somewhere there and the anime has reached with the 2 seasons only until 4 Volume (season 1 -> 1 & 2 LN, season 2 -> 3&4 LN) . If u are so desperate to see the continuation then i would suggest you to buy the LN’s, but if you have a bit of patience i think soon enough we will be informed about a season 3 (probably nect months)! Not sure thing ofc! Although by my opinion as i have posted already it’s 100% sure that a season 3 will come out!

      • whyhellothere says:

        When will it be coming out? Season 3?

        • TW Hunter says:

          Well we don’t know exactly! Possible guesses from the fans are October 2014 or January 2015, based ofc from sales-material etc. The thing that worries me the most is about some rumors that it may take more time, cause the studios are leaving the creator (Issei Ishubi) to heal from his wounds (possible accident i think) and let him continue writing the story giving him time after to help on the anime. I saw that at the wiki, but nothing official only speculation adn let’s hope it isn’t true! Season 3 ofc is if not 100% i would say 90% sure thing from the last episode and from a quote of the Creator saying that there will be season 3 which also i saw at the wiki!

  168. GremoryKing says:

    If only highschool dxd was ongoing PLEASE BE ONGOING.

    • TW Hunter says:

      Be ongoing? Well the LN’S are ongoing if u mean that ofc. The anime we don’t know yet, but if u saw the last episode of season 2 Last phrase: ” See you later”! And based on the sales+fans+ material it will be ongoing for sure!

  169. Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are ongoing right now >:] muhahahahahaha cookie monstaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. The guy who wasn't fooled says:

    Wow you guys are dumb. This isn’t the official site for Highschool DxD. Do you really think the official site would allow people to watch their show absolutely free? There isn’t any confirmation of a season 3 at the time of this comment so just be patient. A season 3 is definitely likely considering how much content there is in the light novels as well as how popular the show is, so just be patient. If you’re that desperate, do what I did and spend some time reading the light novels. The official site for Highschool DxD is actually http://www.haremking.tv

    • TW Hunter says:

      First of all stop being cocky! Second of all none here thinks as it is an official site! We are here to express our opinions for DxD possible (personal opinion: 100% sure) season 3! We already know “Proffesor Einstein” the official site of High School DxD and the official wiki and page on Baka-Tsuki! And you repeat what others said about the material-sales etc. so we know that we must be patient Sir!

    • jcook says:

      plus i enjoy english forums so please be patient like the rest of us we are here for one reason and i think we all know what tht is……..SEASON 3!!!!!!

  171. shan says:

    Do any of you guys know when highschool dxd new is going to be dubbed.
    please tel me if you know.

  172. Zaros-kill says:

    Hi all
    I’ve manage to search some news and I THINK the season 3 will start in october 2014.
    But you can be sure of one thing, there will be a season 3 because of what Azazel said, so don’t panic.
    Sorry for my bad english ;)

  173. shadowmarked says:

    i love this series its one of the the best i dont really care about the sexual stuff though it does add a nice to it though im in it mostly for the action cant wait til season three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. shadowmarked says:

    but if a crimson haired demon like Ria i wouldn’t mind being a demon lol but still close your eyes after u read this and imagine wat she’d look like in real life (big tits, grey eyes, red crimson hair, perfectly curved waist,) yep now just imagine believe me i have man i have

  175. shadowmarked says:

    sorry messed ( but if a crimson haired demon like ria were real) i wouldnt mind be’en a demon

  176. shadowmarked says:

    sorry messed up ( but if a crimson haired demon like ria were real) i wouldnt mind be’en a demon

  177. boost says:

    hey! direction the new high school dxd already made. why don’t u just make a movies to watch plz.

  178. boost says:

    plz make season 3 because this anime is the third best anime i ever watch before

  179. rias lover (tayyar) says:

    Hello guys im gonna say some usefol info if season 3 dussent kom out yust keep bagging to the producers the same as highschool of the dead they kept on begging till they gonna make season 2 and it workt if dxd season 3 doesent kome out we will yust do the same richt guys

    • TW Hunter says:

      Trust me first of all begging for a season doesn’t work so much! Also Highschool of the dead wasn’t so popular neither sold so much that’s why they decided not to make a season 2. Things with DxD are different cause it’s the 1st selling harem anime of 2013 with sales over 9k and the most popular harem also. The possibilities are much much higher for a continuation tha hs of the dead. Not to raise hopes but if not 100% – 99% percent sure thing season 3!

  180. shadowmarked says:

    again agreeing with TW its a great series books/tv show. anyway if they dont their completely destroying the series so ya 100-99% chance season 3!!!

  181. shadowmarked says:

    unless they decide we dont deserve it lol

  182. Susant says:

    I’m the biggest fan of this anime….i watched this anime more 50+ times & still watching….but what i know is season 3 will be coming in october 11-12 of 2014 ,,, not sure…..

  183. xier says:

    I’ve already watched season 3

    • TW Hunter says:

      Don’t spread chaos without reason troller! We all know s3 hasn’t even be announced or scheduled! Release of last BD season NEW is coming out in 3 days! Let’s hope!

  184. crimsonninjagod says:


  185. crimsonninjagod says:

    Omg cant wait…..;)

  186. highschooldxdfan says:

    It will be out soon don’t worry. Its airing right now in japan currently.

    • TW Hunter says:

      I read it in a previous post here! How do u know this? Any available source or just spread rumors? If u have a link i would love to see it!

  187. silver xeno says:

    Pls. pls. pls. release it!
    cant concentrate on my work because thingking of Rias Gremory
    Boobs and Virginity..
    hope its getting better .

  188. Zaros-kill says:

    Omg TW Hunter is always here, watching the new post… HI =)

  189. Fletch The HSDXD LOVER says:

    Plz make HSDXD season 3 I have know watched both seasons 1 and 2 22 times each waiting for season 3 so go buy it make sales go up and make the anime come out sooner than January of 2015 plz love this anime an d love u if u buy it or make it thx

  190. DeeYoo!! says:

    Oh my Oh my Oh my! ! ! i can’t wait for the official release of season 3! ! i never get bored watching season 1 and 2 again and again and again and again ~. . XD the manga is good, but the anime is way too AWESOME! ~ i really love HighSchool DxD!! btw. HighSchool DxD is the best light novel among the light novels i had read so far. . I mean, the story is just soooooooo AWESOME!! i’ve read the first volume until the latest volume which is volume 16!( waiting for volume 17 to be released) THE STORY IS JUST TOO AWESOME! ! ! it is an AWESOME story for a person like me! ( if you know what i mean) haha! But aside from that, the moral lessons are great and i can’t beleive that HighSchool DxD could make me laugh and “become too emotional” XD

    i hope that HighSchool DxD will one day release manga and anime regularly like, every week (even tough the manga is late). i can’t wait any longer for a new season!

    HIGHSCHOOL DXD IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (from the bottom of my heart) ^____^

  191. H says:

    Dear fellow otaku,
    i am glad to say that the official release of Highschool DXD will be released in the winter selection. There is no specific release date set but it has been uploaded to the crunchyroll season selector , to find this season selector you must be an employee of one of the following company’s :
    crunchyroll .ind
    aniplex .corp
    funimation .conc

    if you are a member of these companies and are unaware of the release date please ask your employer for information on what your allowed to know for the upcoming seasons.

    if you have any questions further more please contact me through my email :

    thank you for reading


    • H says:

      Dear fellow otaku,
      The reason i have not told anyone the date on the official release if because it is undecided wether it should be stretched over the four months or released in one day ( December the 25th ) as a Christmas present.When it is decided i will type it in this form a month after the decision because i am technically not allowed to tell anyone about release dates on anime but my ” higher up’s ” allow it if i release it after everyone has forgotten about it but the date has been saved to air on Tokyo tv

      for more information/answers about anime contact my email :

      thank you for reading

      • TW Hunter says:

        My feelings are 50-50 for you m8! Either u all WHOLE CRAP BULLSH-IT-CHAOS THING or You are simply saying a part of truth in your posts. Now how can i tell which one applies to you? I can’t! So for now i’ll simply stay neutral! Although if u are saying the trusth it’s good that you give motive to the fans!

        • H says:

          Dear TW Hunter,
          I am pleased to see that someone as exited as this individual person exists.I am sorry for not replying till now but I had to do some argumentative conversations with the head of Crunchy Roll for the following reasons,
          my boss delayed the release of episode one season three of the animated Japanese comedy known as highschool dxd.for my argumentative activities I H was demoted and lost ¥500,000 a month from my pay.
          sorry for the late reply

      • DeeYoo!! says:

        i thought that the first episode of season 3 was to be released today? march 28, 2014.(based on my effective research) i hope that this coming december, all of the episodes in season 3 will be released. I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 3. I WISH THAT I CAN GO TO THE FUTURE TO WATCH THE EPISODES UNTIL THE ENDING! ! ! HOPING FOR THE SUCCESS OF RELEASING OF SEASON 3 ASAP! ! ^____^

  192. KingGremory says:

    I also wish to go to the future to watch season 3 but after being done watching season 3 Is something to think about

  193. GremoryKing says:

    Like I said before I WISH HS DXD WAS ONGOING

    • Pyro says:

      It is ongoing, but due to the high cost and time of the animation (because it’s better than weekly ones) it doesn’t come out fast. The popularity of this anime is growing and growing, and the Light Novels are what the anime is directly based off so as of now there’s enough material for almost 100 episodes and for all we know the Light Novel might not even be halfway done yet, so it’s safe to say Highschool DxD will be around for a very long time.

  194. GremoryKing says:

    Anyways while we’re all waiting for HS DXD season 3 to come out dose any body know another anime that resembles HS dxd plse tell I think I’m emotionally damaged cuz all of this or it’s just because I’m not used to being so emotional

    • TW Hunter says:

      hmmm i can suggest if u want to see:
      1)Zero no tsukaima-> Light fan service-nice story- amazing!
      2)Date a live-> plot perfect – amazing graphics
      3)Freezing -> Little sad story- pleny of fan service – AMZING PLOT!
      4)To Love Ru -> DAMN IT MY FIRST ANIME!& 100% the best! Fan service-Perfect plot!
      5)Sora no otoshimono-> Fan service- amazing plot too – laugh to the end!

      Now if u like more plot i would pick Zero no tsukaima or Date a Live. If u like comedy i would suggest u to pick To Love Ru or Sora. If u like action-ecchi i would suggest u Freezing, but mb the end won’t be so good for u cause it’s a little Dramatic for me at least! All of then have strong Harem-ecchi-Romance-Shounen stuff like DxD!

      • DeeYoo!! says:

        Are those anime completed?

        • TW Hunter says:

          1)Zero no tsukaima -> 4 seasons & 80% it was final (some small chances the petition of the fans will get noticed, but the creator died last year from cancer. Some say his son continues the books)

          2)Date a Live-> Season 1 finished and this Aplil 5 2014 season 2 is airing!

          3)Freezing-> 2 seasons and 70% chance for season 3. Not very good sales thought!

          4)To Love Ru-> 3 seasons out. Big chance for 4th seasom. Very popular & very good sales!

          5)Sora no othoshimono-> 2 season out. Fans waited for season 3, but the studios decided to make a movie instead of the original announcement for season 3 that it will be the last animation of the series + manga finished last month with a very good ending HAPPILLY VER AFTER!

          • TW Hunter says:

            Sora ono otoshimono movie will be airing this April at Japan cimenas with the name
            “Heaven Lost Property: FINAL”

  195. DeeYoo!! says:

    I really dont get it. if the anime status is completed and not on going, based on some anime free streaming sights, will there really be a season 3?
    i hope so, because highschool dxd light novel has gone a long way, and it would be really really awesome if they could make it to anime! ! my head hurts trying to imagine things while reading the light novel. . . >____<

    #HighSchool DxD Season 3

    • TW Hunter says:

      M8 tha doesn;t mean anything! Fairy tail is completed but if u check kissanime it has already announced and new season name Fairy Tail 2014. “Completed” it means that the season has ended!Nothing more!

  196. dannyuzumaki says:

    i cannot wait for season 3 the story is so nice and cool and the characters are the best i cannot wait ho many money musst the become??? i give him all my money i will seean how ist going on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. Xavier says:

    enemy one know good anime ecci I might add

  198. Xavier says:

    Everyone not enemy one I hate spell check

  199. Xavier says:

    Again spell check anybody

  200. Xavier says:

    Anyone spell check sucks

  201. kim says:

    plzzz hurry up i’m dying to see a Season 3 its so great and amezing series plzzzz hurry i’m a huge fan of highschool dxd i can’t wait to see Season 3 plzzzz make and hurry SEASON 3 thanks guys

  202. Jake says:

    Come on man I been waiting ages for this just hurry up and release it will you it would stop making my life as painful as it is right now waiting for it so come on dude(speaking for some people)

    • Also a hardcore fan says:

      Be patient..
      I know how you feel. I’m crying my self to sleep every night because of this, but, Just be patient… That’s all I can say.

      Try to watch some other animes in the meanwhile, it helps ALOT.

      Like TW hunter suggested
      1)Zero no tsukaima-> Light fan service-nice story- amazing!
      2)Date a live-> plot perfect – amazing graphics
      3)Freezing -> Little sad story- pleny of fan service – AMZING PLOT!
      4)To Love Ru -> DAMN IT MY FIRST ANIME!& 100% the best! Fan service-Perfect plot!
      5)Sora no otoshimono-> Fan service- amazing plot too – laugh to the end!

      Try these. Hope I helped with the pain, it worked on me… :)

  203. I hope they make season 3 i cant wait

  204. Jeff says:

    Hello , I watched highscool dxd today for the first time, AND IT IS THE GREATEST ANIME I HAVE SEEN. I really LOVE it. It is action packed and great to watch. BEST STORY LINE !!! You guys have TALENT !!! Please make season 3!!!!

  205. vicky says:

    kapan releasenya dxd season 3 lama amatan sihh hmm kangen sama rias senpai sama kelakuan si isseinya hahahaha :D di tunggu tapi jangan lama lama releasenya ok ok thnks ;)

  206. blabla17 says:

    Where can I be informed about when season 3 comes out and where I can watch it, anyone tell me plz :) If anyone wants to share information about the anime just reply to this comment and i will tell u my FB. The more people we have the more we will know about the anime :DD

  207. TW Hunter says:

    Wonderfull news until now! Volume 6 DVD/BD of High school DxD new has already sales of 8.027 copies and i think it’s not over yet! :D

    • TW Hunter says:

      Season 3 is near brothers! Pray to GODS of anime! (:P) 1 step closer to the dream! Continue supporting!

      • blabla17 says:

        Hi TW Hunter, where do you think season 3 comes out first? I watched season 1 and 2 on animewaffles.tv but i dont know if season 3 will come there

        • TW Hunter says:

          I don’t know exacly, but from some logic calculations most of the fans believe it will happen October 2014 or early 2015 possible January. Ofc we must have an announcement to be sure and that will happen when the sales of the BD/DVD will be finalised (soon enough i guess). Personal Opinion we will mb have an announcement early summer (May-June) or late summer (July-August) or fall (september-october-november) for making it early 2015. At the end who knows! Just Hold tight and support DxD as long as u can! We won’t regret it trust me! It’s coming! SEASON 3!

          • blabla17 says:

            Ok thank you very much. Which site do you think season 3 appears first on when it comes out ?

          • TW Hunter says:

            I think the most reliable site to know about news-announcement is the animenewnetwork. You will find there if an announcement will happen. Now for seeing the anime i think kissanime is the most reliable on dates if season 3 comes out (almost sure)!

  208. fira says:


  209. Prayogo says:

    when season 3 came out

  210. Mr.Desperate says:

    Is Mr. Desperate – Justin or is Justin -Mr. Desperate?

  211. S2023854 says:

    I have watched all of Season 1 and 2 as well as the OVAs and Specials.
    I can definitively say this is one of the best Anime I have ever seen.
    I know a Season 3 is confirmed but I really cant wait for it to come out.
    Does anyone know when it is going to be released?
    ( I really liked the finale for Season 2 )

    • TW Hunter says:

      I’m not sure the confirmed it yet! Although the finale of season 2 with the quote “See you later” + the material + the sales + creator wish to continue it as i heard it’s pretty obvious that a season 3 will come.

      • blabla17 says:

        Season 3 will be out for sure, it will be a really pointless end on season 2 if it’s not going to continue som im pretty sure season 3 will be out but im not sure when and if more seasons will come out after 3…

        • TW Hunter says:

          hmm i think trust me it’s not the only time we see a pointless end in anime! (“cliffhanger” i mean). The only reason that make me beleive it will be a season 3 and saves the matter is the last quote as i have fortold “See you Later”. If this sentence wasn’t there noone knows what could happen. (overall for anime for DxD as i said sales was perfect so the only thing that can get in the way of the s3 is the choice of the creator & the studios). Time will show!

  212. noel faulk says:

    please keep going if the anime sells poorly it can be the next big thing and be successfull and I told all my friends and they loved it, can’t wait for season 3.

  213. Darknigths says:

    Oh come on .. plzzzz upload the the epesode 1 .. I realy love this anime .. I cant wait for the season 3 ..

  214. Handywin says:

    hurry up season 3 renewal. do not let the fans wait so long

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