Highschool DxD Season 3 Episode 1

Watch Highschool DxD Season 3 Episode 1


526 Responses to “Highschool DxD Season 3 Episode 1”

  1. YohKenshiro says:

    Oh please I can’t wait for season 3 :’( ….. The last episode from season 2 was epic… can’t you tell us at least the year and month release date please :’(
    Best anime ever ^^ it has everything I want xD ecchi/action/comedy…. :)

  2. tibayster says:

    I can’t wait for season 3!!! the guys dreams will finally come true with a harem and the love triangle between aken and the president ahahahahaa

  3. jikoshinorin says:

    when would it be publish ??? i can’t wait for season three

  4. Nickson says:

    I really want highschool dxd season 3 to be release

  5. TENSAI says:

    If you guys are truly desperate to find out what keeps on going, just look up the light novel for dxd “baka tsuki” its way more ahead than the anime or manga.

  6. Mark says:

    What Month`s Release the season 3 ?? o.O

  7. Madman says:

    I’m very curious too see whether they’re going to do a long term commitment to the show and go with the whole Issei dying and coming back to life situation from the manga, as well as various other arcs, or if they’re going to play it safe and change the story for a quicker ending…hoping for the long term commit. Plus issei has yet to get Ryuuteimaru (his familiar)…much to be seen for season 3. Can’t wait.

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