Highschool DxD Season 3 Announced

highschool dxd season 3 announced

Good news everybody! Highschool DxD Season 3 announced a few days ago, on Monday June 16th. It was announced by publisher Fujimi Shobo. He stated that the anime, based on Ichei Ishibumi’s Highschool DxD light novel series, was given the green light to begin the production of season 3. However, no official anticipated release date has be given yet as to when you can expect to finally watch the new season. Considering the time it takes to produce a new season for an anime series, season 3 will probably not be released during 2014. The good news is, it’s officially coming nonetheless!

The original manga series focuses on Issei Hyodo, and dim-witted highschool student in his second year who is killed by the first girl he ever manages to go on a date with. Issei, as voiced by Yuuki Kaji, is revived as a devil, and from then on becomes the servant of Rias, voiced by Yoko Hikasa, who’s a top-level devil, as well as the prettiest girl in the school Issei attends.

The first season of the anime was directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa at TNK anime studio along with Takao Yoshioka and Junji Goto, the character designer. It first premiered in Japan in 2012, and later released in the United States. The second season arrived in the summer of 2013, reuniting most of the cast and characters of the season 1.

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    3rd of april

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