Highschool DxD Season 2 Episode 6

Highschool DXD Season 2 Episode 6

In Highschool DxD Season 2 Episode 6, Issei transfers his boosted powers to Rias who proceeds to attack Kokabiel to no avail. Akeno then attacks Kokabiel to no avail as well. Realizing Akeno is the daughter of the Fallen Angel Cadre, Baraqiel, Kokabiel makes fun of Rias claiming that she has a habit of taking in weird people like her brother. Angered by Kokabiel’s insults, Issei decides to fight Kokabiel. Kiba, Xenovia and Koneko attack Kokabiel to buy time for Issei to boost his powers however, despite the combined effort of all three they couldn’t inflict much damage upon Kokabiel. Kokabiel then reveals that in the previous Great War both the Four Great Satans and God died, much to the surprise of everyone present, especially Asia and Xenovia who were shocked at the revelation. Despite this, Issei strongly states his dream of becoming a Harem King and with Rias’ incentive manages to attack Kokabiel, reigniting his friends’ fighting spirit. Before the fight can continue, the barrier surrounding the school field was destroyed by a new figure appearing in the fight. Naming himself as the White Dragon Emperor Albion, he defeats Kokabiel thus negating the self destruct spell on the school. He forcibly takes Kokabiel and Freed away from the field. Glad that the battle is over, Sona and her team proceed to fix the school while Kiba manages to truly get over his past with the help of his friends as he vows once more to serve Rias along with her other servants. The next day, Issei and Asia are surprised to see Xenovia appearing in the Occult Reseach Club wearing a Kuoh Academy uniform. Xenovia reveals that she has reincarnated into a Devil as Rias’ Knight after learning God died and apologizes to Asia for her rude remarks to her in the past. Issei is later seen playing a video game with his client, who reveals himself as Fallen Angel Leader Azazel.

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