Highschool DxD Season 2 Episode 4

Highschool DxD New Episode 4

Issei and the others start their operation to search for Freed and the Excalibur, later finding the ex-priest at the abandoned warehouse previously used by Stray Devil Viser. Kiba then engages Freed in a one-on-one battle until Issei, Saji and Koneko intervene, giving Kiba the advantage. Before they can finish off Freed, an elderly man suddenly appears, introducing himself as Valper Galilei. After some advice from Valper, Freed starts to control his Excalibur better and manages to reverse the situation until the timely arrival of Xenovia and Irina. Valper then suggests that they should escape, which they did after Freed uses his flash bomb. Kiba, Xenovia and Irina then chase after the two as Rias, Sona, Akeno and Tsubaki arrive at the scene. Issei and Saji are then punished by their respective masters for taking action without permission. Back at the Hyoudou Residence, Asia greets Rias and Issei in a naked apron as Rias decides to change into one as well. The next day, Rias, Akeno and Koneko send their familiar to search for Kiba, Xenovia and Irina throughout the city, finding an injured Irina lying in the outskirts of town. After healing Irina with Asia’s help, Tsubaki takes Irina to the Sitri residence for further treatment. Freed then reappears, revealing that he now has four Excalibur swords with him after stealing Irina’s Excalibur Mimic. He then introduces his boss, Kokabiel, one of the leaders of the Fallen Angels, to Issei and his friends as Kokabiel reveals his true reason for stealing the Excaliburs: to start another Great War. Disappointed that Michael only sent grunt exorcists, Kokabiel decides to target the Devils of Kuoh Academy to force the Satans to take action. After the Fallen Angel leader uses a small attack as a diversion, Issei and the others head back to the school in preparation for their upcoming battle with Kokabiel. Meanwhile at Kuoh Academy, Valper and Freed are shown to be inside a magic circle undergoing an unknown ceremony, with Kiba and Xenovia realizing the situation from afar.

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