Highschool DxD Season 2 Episode 2

Highschool DxD Season 2 Episode 2

In Highschool DxD Season 2 Episode 2, Kiba fights Freed, who has one of the Excalibur fragments, but eventually Freed decides to retreat from the battle. The morning after that, Issei wakes up to a shocking surprise: this time, both Rias and Asia are sleeping next to him… naked! After the two leave, Draig suddenly starts talking to Issei about the Vanishing Dragon, Albion. While on her way to school with Tsubaki, Sona takes notice of two people standing outside of their school; she also notices that one of them is wielding the Holy Sword. Later that day at the Occult Research Clubroom, Issei finds that Kiba is missing from the group and asks Rias about his past again. She says that he was part of the Holy Sword Project, but he was one a failed test subject that managed to escape before his owners could kill him. Rias was the one that found him on the verge of death and saved him. Akeno joins the group at the clubroom, with Sona and Tsubaki followings suit. They ask Rias about the two strangers they saw earlier with the sword. Issei and Rias feel something is out of place and hurry back home to find two girls talking to Issei’s mom, and to his surprise, one if them is Irina Shidou, his childhood friend. The following day, Xenovia and Irina go to the clubroom to notify Rias and her team about why they suddenly showed up in town. They came back to retrieve the stolen Excalibur swords and warn Rias’ gang not to interfere with their job. Before leaving, Xenovia takes notice of Asia, previously known as the “Holy Maiden,” but now exiled and known as a “Witch,” and insults her for becoming a Devil. She continues to insult her, and even attempts to exorcise her, but Issei stops her and challenges both girls to a double duel with Kiba. Highschool DxD Season 2 Episode 2 ends as the four teens begin their battle.

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