Highschool DxD Season 2 Episode 12

Highschool DXD Season 2 Episode 12

In Highschool DxD Season 2 Episode 12,The battle between the Magicians and the Three Factions continue as Gasper destroys the transportation circle used by the Magicians as Azazel defeats Katerea after revealing his Artificial Sacred Gear, the Downfall Dragon Spear. Vali then attacks Azazel, revealing that he was the traitor as he laments on Issei being his rival. Proposing to kill Issei’s parents to make Issei become an avenger so that he can become stronger, Issei gets angry and enters his Balance Breaker. Issei proceeds to battle Vali but proves to be futile. Taking a huge risk of taking in the power of the Divine Dividing into his Boosted Gear, Vali uses his Half Dimension as Azazel puposely says that Vali’s ability will halve breasts. Issei’s power starts increasing drastically and manages to inflict damage to Vali. As Vali prepares for a counterattack, a new figure, Bikou, appears, interrupting the fight as he and Vali retreats. After the fight, Issei asks for Michael’s permission to allow Asia and Xenovia to pray to God while Azazel leaves with his men. A few days later, Azazel appears in the Occult Research Club as the new advisor of the club under Sirzechs’ request to help Issei, Yuuto and Gasper master their Sacred Gear. He also tells them that Sirzechs has ordered for the girls in Rias’ peerage to move into the Hyoudou Residence. As the girls move in his house, Rias decides to ask Sirzechs to renovate the house.

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