Highschool DxD Season 2 Episode 1

Highschool DxD Season 2 Episode 1

In Highschool DxD Season 2 Episode 1, Issei wakes up one morning and finds Rias sleeping naked beside him. They are about to get intimate until Asia arrives to wake Issei up. Asia feels left out and gets naked too! Later at school, Issei’s Dragon arm woke up and Issei went to meet Akeno to get it removed. After school, Rias and the others go to Issei’s house and have their usual club activities, until his mom came back home and showed them Issei’s childhood photos. Kiba notices that there’s a holy sword showing in one of the photos that Issei took while playing at his friend’s house. On his way home, Issei completes a contract with a new client and he and his friends get an order to track down a rogue devil at an abandoned factory. The team manages to defeat the devil, but Kiba had some trouble staying focused. When questioned about it by Rias later, he shrugs it off and say it was nothing then leaves. Issei follows him and Kiba reveals that Issei’s purpose in life is to find and take revenge on the Holy Sword Excalibur. At Issei’s house later that day, Issei asks Rias about the sword and about Kiba’s past affiliation with the Holy Sword Project, since he was a survivor of it. On his way back, Kiba sees Freed Sellzen killing a priest and becomes enraged after seeing the Excalibur that Sellzen is holding. He becomes involved in a battle with Sellzen, while two unknown beings suddenly arrive at Issei’s town. One of them holds a photo of Issei that shows Issei playing with his childhood friend.

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    I have tweet it and I still cant watch it

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    i love this show

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