Highschool DxD Episode 1

Highschool DxD Episode 1


Highschool DxD episode 1 beigns with a very perverted boy, Issei Hyodo, who goes to a previously all-girl school. He dreams of having a girlfriend, and much to hist surprise, shy Ymua Amano asks him out on a date. His date ends terribly and he is nearly killed by his date, who reveals herself as a fallen angel set on killing him. Luckily, Rias Gremory, a beautiful red haired girl ends up saving his life.

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  1. notimportant says:

    I don’t think liking this on facebook would help with my current problems

  2. Jag är en nazist.

  3. rushikesh says:

    Could you please add download button or options because I want to download all these episodes …Please

  4. isseix90 says:

    When is the second season being dubbed and I’m watching season one what is kibeas famillier and will issei ever get one

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